Doug Olinde, LLC, has an array of chairs that are perfect for any event – large or small.  We will work with planners, individuals or businesses to ensure the perfect touch for your special occasion. Click the pictures to enlarge the photos.


  • Basic Black Plastic Chairs
  • White Wooden Chairs with Cushions
  • Natural Wooden Chairs with Cushions
  • Gold Chivari
  • Silver Chivari
  • Mahogany Chivari
  • Stainless Bar Stools with Black Cushions
  • White, Black or Ivory Chivari Cushions for Chivari Chair


3 White Wooden Folding Chair
Black Plastic Chair White Plastic Chair White Wooden Chair
wooden 5 Black Wood Folding Chair bamboo
Natural Wooden Chair Black Wooden Chair Bamboo Chair
silver 11 Mahogany Chaivari Chairs no cusion 7 Gold Chivari Chair no Cushion
Silver Chavari Chair Mahogany Chair Gold Chivari Chair
10 Silver Chiavari Chair with cushion mohogony_with_cushion 8 Gold Chivari Chair with Cushion
Silver Chivari Chair
with White Cushion
Mahogany Chivari Chair
with White Cushion
Gold Chivari Chair
with White Cushion